October 2, 2008


Our speaker for the 4th November 2008 is

David McCready

Who is David McCready you may ask ? and why should i care?


Well,  He’s going to show you how you… can upgrade yourself!


Let us introduce him, here is a little back ground into his work.


“I come from an Engineering background and, because I have an aptitude for fixing and improving anything mechanical, I have spent much of my life developing and improving structures and machines.


My greatest pleasure in life is to see people grow and develop themselves and so, about ten years ago, I turned my attention to the amazing human machine”.


I help people achieve their dreams.

I want to help you achieve your dream.



“Whatever you are trying to do, or change, you should be aware of what is determining your success or failure. People I have been able to help range from top business leaders right across the spectrum of humankind.


They all had one thing in common, they were experiencing life as human beings. As a result of my successes in helping them, I am changing, fundamentally, my approach to assisting people.


Previously I would help I would help people develop themselves through solving their immediate practical challenges in life. Top executives would make dramatic improvements in their businesses, others would revolutionise their health and human relationships. While this was happening I would gradually reveal to them the illusory nature of their experience…..that your life is an illusion ……which you are controlling.


The time has come to restore the proper order of events. Recent trials have shown that when someone recognises the illusion they are experiencing, massive improvements occur even faster”.




“By helping you achieve a quantum shift in your understanding of what you really are, and what you think you are experiencing, it is much easier to grasp that your human form can be likened to an ingenious machine. With the right technical help any machine can be upgraded”.






David will be speaking about his new book: The Great Simulator.


To Attend our next meeting on the 4th November in Woking, surrey, please contact The Conscious mind team at







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