EU President Calls For ‘Global Governance To Solve Financial Crisis

October 24, 2008

 ‘Barroso outlined no specific proposals but said a solution needed to be based on transparency, responsibility, cross-border supervision and global governance. He also said the world’s financial system needed “major reform”.’
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Scientists May Soon Be Able To Erase Fear And Trauma From Your Mind

‘Scientists are a step closer to being able to wipe the mind clean of painful memories, a development that will offer hope to those with a fear of spiders or who are trying to bury traumatic experiences. Neurobiologists believe they will soon be able to target and then chemically remove painful memories and phobias from the mind without causing any harm to the brain.’

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School Censors “9/11 Truth Now” Shirt


9/11 truth T-shirt censored in school photograph on principle’s order.


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