Consciousmindevents interviews Guy Herbert. NO2ID

January 20, 2009

Consciousmindevents interviews Guy Herbert

General Secretary, NO2ID.  Q and A’s

*What is No2id about?*>

We are a single-issue campaigning group. Unfortunately the single issue is one that affects everyone – the profound change in our way of life threatened by ID cards and the growth of government by computer. >

 *We are told ID’s will help us be safer, what do you think?*> On the contrary, an ID system is a threat to the safety of the individual. It is a direct danger to anyone who has a good reason to hide, and it will make all of us more vulnerable to identity theft and official bullying. >

  *Why are the Government forcing ID’s on us?*> Because they believe it is good for us. And they believe that because they have been persuaded it is useful for officialdom.

 *what can any one who doesn’t want to carry ID do about this?*> Join NO2ID and fight the establishment of the scheme. 

  *Some people believe there is a hidden agenda to control the population > through ID cards Surveillances , what do you think about that? do you  agree?*> It is not so hidden. The government has been quite open about the function of the national identity register and broad ‘information sharing’ to enable what it calls “Transformational Government”, the idea of which is to customise government to the individual. 

 *Is there any point in contacting your local MP? *>  Yes. All opposition parties are against the ID scheme, and it will help them keep on the pressure if they know their constituents care. If you have a Labour MP it is particularly important to contact them and let them know how unhappy you are with this government policy. Though they are unlikely to make a fuss publicly, if Labour MPs know that ID cards are making them unpopular, they will influence how the government proceeds.

 *lastly is there any events or meetings happening that concerned > individuals can go to and make a stand.*>  NO2ID is participating in the Convention for Modern Liberty this spring: NO2ID’s own meetings happen all over the country, as we have dozens of local groups publicising the cause. To join one or start one near you go to:


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