The Freemasons Want to CHIP Your Children

March 7, 2009



 The Freemasons Want to CHIP Your Children Roll up, Roll up! The Masonic ‘Chip your Children’ roadshow is coming to a town near you right now Come on down, where your kids can have such fun with crazy sideshows like: Fingerprinting is fun Teeth impressions for all Roll the DNA swab in your cheek Have your picture and video taken A barrel of laughs for all, bring your friends and neighbours for a swell time All done free of charge by your local masonic lodge in conjunction with your friendly neighbourhood Law Enforcement Department Now in the states of: Massachusetts, Indiana and Nebraska and many more… To join in or book your own children’s’ MYCHIP party just click on the state above and remember… Have fun!!! 



 Mandelson Gets Slimed ‘An anti-Heathrow protester hurled a cup of green custard into the face of Lord Mandelson today and then calmly walked away without being arrested. The Business Secretary had attempted in vain to duck the liquid, which covered his face and overcoat. He then stormed off after the stunt and his attacker, Leila Deen from the campaign group Plane Stupid, simply strolled off.

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 George Osborne: Britons Partly to Blame for Financial Crisis Bilderberger Osbourne (left) outside his public school ‘Britons must work harder and accept that the “money for nothing” culture is over if the country is to climb out of recession, according to George Osborne. The shadow chancellor will risk provoking the ire of families struggling to cope with the financial crisis by saying that the greed shown by banks was simply a reflection of the “worst excesses” of society as a whole.’

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 Companies ‘Paid for Secret Database on Troublemakers’ ‘More than 40 companies, including some of Britain’s biggest construction firms, are facing legal action over claims that they paid a private detective to vet prospective employees. Balfour Beatty and Sir Robert McAlpine are among companies accused of paying to access a database of construction workers that listed details of trade union activities and work habits.’ Read more…


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