June 18, 2009

Home Education Stamped Upon by Illuminati

‘Balls and his Government cronies commissioned a report into Home Education under the guise of investigating whether or not the children who are taught at home could be under greater risk of abuse. What a joke that idea would be if the world weren’t treated so seriously. But it is, and so the report was produced and the government has accepted every bit of it.

Of course they have! They already knew what the outcome would be before the investigations took place. What would be the point of commissioning a report otherwise? This is government we are talking about here and its raison d’etre is the enslavement of its people.

If you are going to enslave your people you sure as hell don’t want them being educated. If they are educated they can see how to break free of the chains.’

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Neo-Nazi Leader ‘Was MI6 Agent’

‘Germany’s most notorious postwar neo-Nazi party was led by an intelligence agent working for the British, according to both published and unpublished German sources. The alleged agent – the late Adolf von Thadden – came closer than anyone to giving the far-right real influence over postwar German politics. Under his leadership, the National Democratic party (NPD) made a string of impressive showings in regional elections in the late 60s, and there were widespread fears that it would gain representation in the federal parliament.

Yet, according to a report earlier this year in the Cologne daily, the Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger, the man dubbed “the New Führer” was working for British intelligence throughout the four years he led the NPD, from 1967 to 1971.’

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Huge Pre-Stonehenge Complex Found via ‘Crop Circles’

‘Given away by strange, crop circle-like formations seen from the air, a huge prehistoric ceremonial complex discovered in southern England has taken archaeologists by surprise. A thousand years older than nearby Stonehenge, the site includes the remains of wooden temples and two massive, 6,000-year-old tombs that are among “Britain’s first architecture,” according to archaeologist Helen Wickstead, leader of the Damerham Archaeology Project.’

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Parents Banned from Taking Pictures of Their Own Children at Sports Day

‘Mrs Ethelston’s Church of England Primary School, in Uplyme, Devon, prohibited photos and video filming, claiming it was due to changes in child protection and images legislation. It is the first time the school has taken such measures.

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Doctors Told to Give Priority to Gypsies

‘They should be given longer consultations, and should be seen by GPs when they walk in without an appointment, even if doctors are fully-booked. The average length of a consultation is five or ten minutes but travellers will be given 20 minutes and allowed to bring relatives into the consulting rooms. The guidelines have been introduced because, under race laws, gypsies and travellers are defined as minority ethnic groups and the NHS is obliged to consider their special needs and circumstances.’

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