Greg Dyke in BBC ‘Conspiracy’ Claim”I fear it will never happen because I fear the political class will stop it”.’

September 22, 2009

Greg Dyke in BBC ‘Conspiracy’ Claim

‘The BBC is part of a “conspiracy” preventing the “radical changes” needed to UK democracy, the corporation’s former director general has said. Greg Dyke told a Lib Dem conference meeting he wanted a commission to look into the “whole political system”. But he said: “I fear it will never happen because I fear the political class will stop it”.’

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Big Pharma Pushing Virus Theory for Blood Pressure: Thinly-Veiled Attempt to Push ‘Blood Pressure Vaccine’

‘A new study suggesting that a common virus might play a role in hypertension has some suggesting that a vaccine might be developed against high blood pressure. Researchers from Harvard Medical School found in laboratory studies that the herpes variant cytomegalovirus (CMV), carried in the body of 60 to 99 percent of people worldwide, increases blood vessel inflammation and causes high blood pressure in mice. “Some cases of hypertension might be treated or prevented by antiviral therapy or a vaccine against CMV,” researcher Clyde Crumpacker said.’

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International Monetary Fund to Sell Over 403 Tons of Gold to Depress Gold Prices and Boost Stocks

‘The International Monetary Fund said its executive board endorsed the sale of 403 tons of gold, worth an estimated 13 billion dollars, to boost its lending capacity to poor countries.

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 Monday, 21 September 2009




Paralysed Cancer Vaccine Girl to be Put on At-Risk Register ‘To Shut Her Up’

‘A mother who is planning legal action against a pharmaceutical giant – claiming her daughter was left partially paralysed after having an anti-cancer vaccine – has been told the teenager is to be put on the social services ‘at-risk’ register.

Cheryl Cave says allegations that she is abusing her 13-year-old daughter Ashleigh are an attempt to ‘shut her up’ as she is demanding an investigation into the safety of a drug used to protect girls against the HPV virus that causes cervical cancer. Ashleigh collapsed shortly after being given the jab at school and has spent nearly a year in hospital.

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Big Pharma Fabricates ‘Female Sexual Dysfunction’ to Sell More Drugs

‘Female sexual dysfunction was wholly created by drug companies hoping to make even bigger money off women than they have off men.’

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‘The European Union is developing a 21st century panopticon, a beast surveillance system that critics describe as “Orwellian,” “sinister,” and “positively chilling,” that would collate data from numerous sources, including surveillance cameras and personal computers, in order to detect “abnormal behavior” across the entire continent.

In a broader sense, this is part of the move towards creating a pan-European federal police force, where information and powers are shared as part of a centralized system. It is also a giant step towards the creation of a European CIA tasked not with keeping tabs on foreign enemies, but spying on its own population.

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