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The Conscious Mind is a Monthly Networking event based in Woking, Surrey UK. Our aim is to bring you guest speakers each month to inform and enlighten you about many levels of knowledge. Subjects including NWO, 2012 the coming new age, the rise of awakening towards sinister centralization of power both in the UK and worldwide. Our mission is inspired by such researchers as David Icke (, Alex Jones (, Richard C. Hoagland ( David Wilcock ( And many others.

If you are looking around at the world and its shocking events that are unfolding by the day in the build up to 2012 and your thinking, what’s happening to the world?


You are now in the right place…. We together are going to find out what is really happening and what we can do about it.

We invite special selected speakers each mo nth to bring you their ideas, insights and solutions to what could soon be affecting you and your life.



The Conscious Mind TEAM




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