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Something is wrong with this world… But you know that! You always knew it, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading these lines. You knew something was wrong, and you wanted to know what exactly. Press, television, and then internet, never lacked explanations, analyses, indications, telling you that the System is damaged, that there are elements to replace, to repair, to improve. And they have been replaced, and repaired, and improved. Over and over again. Over and over — in vain… OK, nothing’s perfect, you used to say. But one day you noticed something strange: the System improved, but — not the world. That was the day you saw that the System and the world are not the same thing. That was the day you woke up.

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Nationalization: Code Word for Banker Takeover

‘It is now a mantra in the corporate media – the only way to fix the banking system is to “nationalize” the banks. “A touchy word has entered the public debate about the future of America’s economy. It’s a word that would shock the nation in normal times, but as even Republicans begin to whisper it, temporary ‘nationalization’ of troubled banks is increasingly seen as our last best hope for fixing our financial system,” declares Thomas Kelley, writing for Yahoo News.’

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Phi beta Kappa and the Masonic Hierarchy

‘Want to see a who’s-who list of the most powerful people in American history? Check out the list of members in the Phi Beta Kappa fraternity. Elluminati points out in a recent blog posting that 5 out of the past 6 Presidents are either PBK initiates or sons of one (including Obama).’

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A Letter To All ‘Common Purpose Employees’

by Justin Walker 

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Colleges Told to Monitor Students’ Web Use

‘Lecturers have criticised government anti-extremism guidance that says colleges must monitor what staff and students look at on the internet and report it to the police if necessary. The University and Colleges Union said that it could lead to the arrest of innocent people carrying out genuine academic research.’

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Why Can’t We Take Pictures of Policemen?

‘Andrew Carter, a plumber from Bedminster, near Bristol, took a photograph of an officer who had ignored a no-entry road sign while driving a police van. This might have appeared a somewhat petulant thing to do, but taking a photograph in a public place is not a crime. Yet the policeman smashed the camera from Mr Carter’s hand, handcuffed him, put him in the back of the van and took him to the police station, where he was kept for five hours.

When he returned to answer bail the following week, he was kept at the station for another five hours. He was released without charge, despite an attempt by the police to claim some spurious offence of “assault with a camera”.’

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Students Are Revolting: The Spirit of ’68 is Reawakening ‘They are the iPod generation of students: politically apathetic, absorbed by selfish consumerism, dedicated to a few years of hedonism before they land a lucrative job in the City. Not any more. A seismic change is taking place in British universities.Around the UK, thousands of students have occupied lecture theatres, offices and other buildings at more than 20 universities in sit-down protests. It seems that the spirit of 1968 has returned to the campus.’

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‘Giant flames engulf every floor of 44-story building and it remains standing, yet limited fires across just 8 floors of WTC 7 brought down building within 7 seconds on 9/11. How can NIST’s “new phenomenon” explain this one?’

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All Babies To Have Their DNA Mapped By 2019

‘Every baby born a decade from now will have its genetic code mapped at birth, the head of the world’s leading genome sequencing company has predicted. A complete DNA read-out for every newborn will be technically feasible and affordable in less than five years, promising a revolution in healthcare, says Jay Flatley, the chief executive of Illumina.’

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Obama Will Give Green Light To Israel To Attack Iran

‘Aaron David Miller, the US State Department’s top analyst in the 1980s, said Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu will be able to convince President Barack Obama that a military attack is the only solution to the Iranian nuclear issue.

“The Israelis will be pushing [Washington] to ensure that Iran never gets to that point and failing that, they will consider a military strike,” Reuters quoted Miller — who is a former US Middle East peace negotiator and is currently an analyst at the Woodrow Wilson Center — as saying late Friday.’

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Grays and Reptilians May be Interdimensional, says NASA Investigator ‘Now appears to be the right time to reveal some facts about a nightmarish portion of the ET situation – at least that’s what people think it is. This is factual material, and probably not good bedtime reading material for some people. With that said, recent data has provided strong evidence that some of these ruthless creatures may not even be alien at all.’ David Icke has been saying and writing for a decade that Reptilian and other non-human entities are interdimentional and can both move in and out of this reality and ‘possess’ human bloodlines, especially the Illuminati Reptilian hybrid families, to manipulate this world from another dimension.

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Nobel Prizewinning Economist: Let The Banks Fail

‘Professor Stiglitz, the former chair of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, told The Daily Telegraph that Britain should let the banks default on their vast foreign operations and start afresh with new set of healthy banks.

“The UK has been hit hard because the banks took on enormously large liabilities in foreign currencies. Should the British taxpayers have to lower their standard of living for 20 years to pay off mistakes that benefited a small elite?”, he said.’

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