Darwin was most probably right in his evolutional theory and the creation of mankind. We are biological animals and the evolutional process is clear to see. This however does not prove or explain away GOD, or the possibility or indeed the over whelming probability that consciousness/sole exists.

Humans are different distinct from the rest of the animal kingdom here is where Darwin stops and can offer no further insights and Religion/philosophy picks up and attempts to explain or search for our meaning. The sole could have existed before humans and our biological evolution and we will continue to exist in an ever expanding push through this dimension. We are not our thoughts, ideas, or experiences. Our bodies are just biological computers that last for 70 or 80 years, some time less. We are much older than that. Heaven is real, just not forever and it’s a choice. One state does not discount many others. I look at it as the afterlife of heaven in the Biblical and other books sense could be an invitation to hang out with God. The alternative doses not neccerialy mean an absence of God but rather a multitude of dimensions. All have the opportunity to contact the source or God and exist in other forms. If one wants to use logic if indeed Logic can be applied then God has to be bigger and exponentially more complex than simple duality’s. One Heaven or One Hell.

Again not one or Two, but rather Three, Four, Five, six ect


So Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and others are just as correct as any other idea that talks of continuation after death. A just different translation FROM the same, Source, sometimes a little gets lost in translation. Of course we also have to factor in mans attempt to corrupt, impose and mislead.

I make no claim this is fact, or channeled from any higher source or dimension, but an idea that popped into my head last night that I felt compelled to Hurley write down before I forgot. This perhaps will explain why it may not make any sense. But it does to me. : )


Blair is a WAR Criminal

October 14, 2009



Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Blair is a War Criminal, Bereaved Parents Tell Inquiry

‘Tony Blair should be charged with war crimes for ordering British troops to invade Iraq, families of servicemen killed in the conflict told the official inquiry into the campaign yesterday. The former senior civil servant heading the inquiry and his panel were confronted by an angry group after inviting bereaved relatives to give their views. They were unanimous in condemning the war as illegal.’

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UK Government Tries to Demonise Home Schooling

‘Children educated at home are twice as likely to be known by social services and four times more likely as young adults to be out of work, education or training than those who go to school, MPs have been told.

MPs on the cross-party select committee for children, schools and families asked the head of a government inquiry into home education and the schools minister to defend calls for tougher rules on parents who teach their children at home.

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Three Decades Of Global Cooling

‘Al Gore wasn’t there to throw out the first snowball, er, baseball, so he might not have noticed that Saturday’s playoff game between the Colorado Rockies and the Philadelphia Phillies was snowed out — in early October. The field should have been snow-free just as the North Pole was to be ice-free this year.

It seems that ice at both poles hasn’t been paying attention to the computer models. The National Snow and Ice Data Center released its summary of summer sea-ice conditions in the Arctic last week and reported a substantial expansion of “second-year ice” — ice thick enough to have persisted through two summers of seasonal melting.’

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The BBC’s Amazing U-turn on Climate Change

‘I think the BBC wanted to slip this one out quietly, but a Matt Drudge link put paid to that. The climate change correspondent of BBC News has admitted that global warming stopped in 1998 – and he reports that leading scientists believe that the earth’s cooling-off may last for decades.

“Whatever happened to global warming?” is the title of an article by Paul Hudson that represents a clear departure from the BBC’s fanatical espousal of climate change orthodoxy. The climate change campaigners will go nuts, particularly in the run-up to Copenhagen. So, I suspect, will devout believers inside the BBC. Hudson’s story was not placed very prominently by his colleagues – but a link right at the top of Drudge will have delivered at least a million page views, possibly many more.

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Australia: Ban TV For Under-Twos

‘The guidelines warn that exposure to television at such an early age can delay language development, affect the ability of a child to concentrate and lead to obesity. The recommendations also suggest that children aged two to five should watch no more than one hour of television a day.’

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